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About Golden Gate

"If you're going to San Francisco..."

Singing these words from the well-known song of the previous century we went to San Francisco.

"Cloud Factory” — that's how my friends described this city to me. Clouds were replacing the sun and flowing inland at high speed. Constant unfriendly wind forced us, as well as local residents, to quickly move through checkpoints, without having a lot of time to properly enjoy the beauty of the city.

Luckily, my friend brought his new GoPro 4 with him. The entire video was shot handheld from the rooftop of our car. Despite the fact that it was almost fully discharged, we were able to shoot a 30-minutes ride from Battery Spencer, through the GG bridge and GG Park right to the top of Twin Peaks. Compared to GoPro 3 that I had, the dynamic range was much better and also had more natural color balance. Check it out! Sounds great with Moby music as well!

"If you're going to San Francisco..."